HSC Inc - Loren Cook Co Industrial Rep since 1978


HSC Supplies:

-    "OEM" Parts for Loren Cook ventilation equipment                                         Supply Information for Loren Cook "OEM" Parts

-    Complete Replacement Units for existing Loren Cook equipment.               Supply Information for Replacement Fans

-    New Replacement fans for any existing manufactures equipment.              Supply Information for Replacement Fans


  • HSC has an extensive cross reference file of fan manufactures Obsolete Units as well as Current Units.
  • Replacement units are sized to fit existing curbs for roof installations.
  • HSC supplies equipment for Build To Suit applications where the end user has designed the job with engineering assistance from HSC. 


Loren Cook "OEM" parts and Replacement units



HSC Inc Does Not Supply Loren Cook Equipment for Plan/Spec Applications where the design was developed thru another

Loren Cook Rep or an Engineering Company working with the Rep. This must go thru the Loren Cook Plan/Spec Rep.

In order to find your Plan/Spec Rep click here:  Find: Loren Cook Plan/Spec Rep